NEXT GEN - Youth & Young Adults


Brought to you by the CCS Worship Ministry

NextGen Worship - Raising the next generation of Worshipers

NextGen Worship is a 6 week program that will happen every Sunday after church 1pm-2:30pm in room 111. The focus of our time is to impact and influence the next generation to worship God above all else. The generations to come are living in a day and age where the world wants to pull their attention away from God. It is our heart to teach them, come alongside them and encourage them to make worshiping Jesus apart of their everyday lives, so that when the world tries to bring about chaos, they will choose to praise God within the storms of life. 


Our goal is to partner with the young adults of the church, to influence the generation coming after them. We will rally the next generation together around food, the Word of God and in song, as we disciple then Next Generation of worshipers.


NextGen Worship will be given the opportunity to step up and display their unity & love for God on Easter Sunday.

The NextGen Workshop is a 5-week training course built to equip the next generation of worship leaders with the skills needed to play an instrument and/or grow their gift to sing. The CCS Worship Team is coming together to hold classes to teach acoustic/electric guitar, keys, drums, bass and vocals. We want to offer a place to learn and grow in musical gifts that can be used to serve the Lord in excellence.


NextGen Workshops will take place every Saturday in March at 12pm. The courses are built into two parts. The first hour will be focused on renewing the mindset of worship and the second hour will be renewing the skill. We will be training, teaching and coaching each student in the art of musical worship unto the Lord. 


To register for NextGen Workshops you must own the instruments you desire to learn/play and pay a $30 registration fee. 


Please email for scholarship opportunities and limited loaner instruments for the course.