Reality Conference

Student Apologetics Conference

Why Reality?

Whether we realize it or not, everyone has a worldview. It’s your set of beliefs about the way the world actually is. It’s your picture of reality. And this belief system helps you answer the big questions of life: Where did I come from? What’s wrong with the world? Is there a solution? Why am I here?

Christianity is a worldview, but it’s not the only worldview. It has competition. So how do we know which worldview, if any, is actually true?

The answer isn’t complicated: Check to see if it matches up with reality.

At STR’s Reality Conference, we show students that Christianity matches up with the way the world really is—with reality. It makes sense of the origin and design of the universe and life; the existence of objective truth and morality; the purpose, meaning, and value of human experience; the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; and the existential longing of every human heart. In other words, we have reality on our side.

Unfortunately, many students are under the impression that Christianity is make-believe for grown-ups. At REALITY, we’re changing that by using our greatest ally: Reality. Christianity isn’t a made-up story divorced from reality; it is the true story of reality.

The Details

Crossroads Bible Church is hosting the annual student apologetics conference, STR's Reality Conference! This conference challenges junior high, high school and college-aged students to think about reality and how they understand the world and everything in it. No topic is off limits. Stand to Reason, the founders of the Reality Conference, wants students to bring their questions and press in until they find the answers. Because Christianity is not the only worldview out there, we are inviting some of the brightest Christian minds to interact with students on some of the toughest topics. It's time to put the Christian worldview to the test. It can handle it. Truth and evidence are on our side.


Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue


Friday October 15th (6PM-10PM) and Saturday October 16th (9AM-6PM)