Children's Christmas Musical 2021

The Not-So-Silent Night

Rehearsal Dates:

- Oct 17th, 9am - 10:45am First Choir and Parts Practice

-          Oct 24th, 9am - 10:30am Auditions for parts

-          Rehearsals every Sunday at 9am - 10:45am until performances

-          Dec 4th, 1pm - 4pm Dress rehearsal

-          Dec 11th, 10am - 1pm Dress rehearsal

Performance Date:

-          Dec 19th at 9am & 11am

King Herod’s palace is buzzing with excitement! Scribbles the Scribe is searching the scriptures for salvation when three Magi appear looking for the new King of the Jews. As the Magi hit the road to Bethlehem, Scribbles follows hoping the Magi will lead him to the Messiah.

According to Good News Reviews, “The songs are some of the best, period! Melodies are enjoyable, sing-able, catchy and infectious, the kind you’ll find yourself humming later…The meaningful story combines the spiritual, the historical, and some of the hysterical. Amidst all the songs and humor we hear about the specific prophecies concerning the Messiah, as well as learning of God’s great love for us.”

Questions about the musical? Email Carrie & Donna for more information.