Guest Speaker: Sean McDowell

Wednesday, March 13th | 6:30PM – 8PM

Sean McDowell: Passing Your Faith To The Next Generation

Wednesday, March 13th | 6:30PM – 8PM

Free Event | Children's Ministry Provided


Calvary Chapel South

1340 W Smith Street Kent, WA 98032


How do I raise my kids in the faith? How can I parent my children so they will embrace Christianity? While many excellent books have recently explored this topic, the best advice comes from the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 6:1-4 provides a roadmap for passing our faith to the next generation. Hear from author and Biola apologetics professor, Dr. Sean McDowell, share personal examples and family stories that will encourage and equip you for your own. This talk is both motivational and practical for those concerned with raising kids according to the biblical model.

About Sean McDowell

Dr. Sean McDowell is a gifted communicator with a passion for equipping the church, and in particular young people, to make the case for the Christian faith. He connects with audiences in a tangible way through humor and stories while imparting hard evidence and logical support for viewing all areas of life through a Biblical worldview. Sean is an Associate Professor in the Christian Apologetics program at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

Sean is the author, co-author, or editor of over twenty books including Chasing Love, The Fate of the Apostles, So The Next Generation Will Know (with J. Warner Wallace), Evidence that Demands a Verdict (with Josh McDowell), Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage (with John Stonestreet), Is God Just a Human Invention? (with Jonathan Morrow) and Understanding Intelligent Design (with William A. Dembski). Sean is the General Editor for A New Kind of Apologist, Apologetics for a New Generation, Sharing the Good News with Mormons, and The Apologetics Study Bible for Students. Sean has one of the leading apologetics blogs, which can be read at